Our Robust Preventative Care Management Program Provides Real-Life Benefits

  • Includes both preventative and lifestyle health solutions with access to medical professionals without additional costs or co-pay
  • A Preventative Care Management Program dashboard that is customized to each individual’s needs with risk resolution guidelines for existing conditions
  • A Road to Preventative Care Management program to promote behavior and lifestyle modifications for healthier living
  • Professional and video education to make lifestyle choices that improve health for such chronic conditions as diabetes and heart disease
  • Provides employees the opportunity to have an enhanced benefits package that provides financial resources to meet the increasing “out of pocket” medical expenses faced today

Zero Additional Out Of Pocket Costs for Qualified Employees

  • A Preventative Care Management Program reserve account for each qualified employee will be calculated through tax savings. This Preventative Care Management Program reserve is used to facilitate the employee’s premiums for their supplemental insurance products
  • In addition to Preventative Care Management Program Benefits, qualified employees can choose from several types of supplemental insurance coverage: Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Disability, Hospital Indemnity, Life Insurance, and more

Benefits Available for All Full Time Employees

  • Employees who don’t qualify for the Preventative Care Management Program reserve account dollars may choose to elect supplemental insurance coverage. But, must pay for the supplemental insurance coverage through payroll deduction without the use of “Preventative Care Management Program Reserve Account” dollars
  • In most cases supplemental benefits are portable