We Do the Work

You Get the Credit

We designed our solution with your busy schedule in mind, providing a clear path to obtain the R&D tax credit. Our customers spend a short amount of their time while we take care of the rest. Our technology-driven solution simplifies the process, maximizes your benefit, and reduces overall cost.

Technology Driven

SaaS-based application to collect your company’s R&D activities. Self-guided and time efficient with credible support from tax professionals.

True Partnership

We handle all the touchpoints with your CPA or tax preparer, payroll provider, and inquiries from the IRS

Pricing that Fits

Pricing to fit your business that reflects the efficiencies of our process.

Documented and Secure

We provide clear, easy-to-understand reports required by the IRS and verified by our expert tax professionals.

The Process


Register your company details and get assigned to one of our representatives.


Using our R&D web-based technology. Once your info has been entered, it is reviewed by our team of tax experts. Your qualification and calculation reports, plus all necessary tax forms, are generated and kept for your records.


Completed after the year-end financial close. Calculation based on wages, contracted work, and supplies used during R&D activities.


Determine appropriate monetization strategy with your representative (payroll tax offset or income tax credit).


Coordination with your tax preparer and payroll provider to realize benefit. Handled by our team.

Tax Credits for Your Business

Most R&D credits claimed in the US go to larger corporations. Recent changes, however, have allowed SMBs and even pre-revenue start-ups to access one of the country’s biggest tax incentives. And with us behind you, it’s your turn to benefit from the innovative investments you’ve made. The incentive’s there, let’s take it.

Unsure if You Qualify for R&D Tax Credits?

Don’t worry, we’ll clear that up as soon as you’re connected. But if you’re creating or improving a product, process, formula, or software, and incur expenses for wages, contractors, or supplies related to that work, then chances are you’ve done the hard part, and now you need the credits you deserve.

New Ways to Earn

Claim against amount or up to $250k in payroll taxes per calendar year

Simplified Software

Software projects that are easier and clearer to understand

Not Going Anywhere

Program enacted into legislation on a permanent basis by congress with full bi-partisan support

Businesses that Qualify


Professional Services

Aerospace & Defense




Civil Engineering

Communications and Media

Food And Beverage

Heavy Civil Construction

Information Technology

Life Sciences


System Integration


Tool and Die

Wineries And Vineyards


Ready to get started?

Schedule a free consultation today with our knowledgeable and experienced team of experts to learn more about how we can help your business. We’ll provide information regarding the R&D tax credit and answer any questions you might have to determine if our solution is a fit for your company’s needs.