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Our mission is to set the standard of excellence among other businesses in our area by being employee focused, by always exceeding our customers’ expectations, and by being deeply involved in our community.


Our vision is to become the Premier Benefits Agency in the Nation. We will constantly maintain a culture that attracts and retains the very best team members. We will constantly strive to grow each day and leave everyone we interact with, “better off.” We will always stand firm on our commitments to our founding core values. Those core values are:
Josh Kelley
Benefits Advisor 
Co-Owner at Citadel Benefits Group
Josh has been in the insurance industry since 2009. Before insurance, he owned several businesses in the automotive industry and he’s a US ARMY Veteran. 

He’s married, has 3 daughters, and a dog named Sergio. 
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Skip Nichols
Co-Owner at Citadel Benefits Group
Skip has over 25 years of experience in the benefits and insurance industry and has been a small business owner since 2004. He is married and they have a married daughter who is expecting their 1st grandson. The only kids they have at home are their three dogs, Blanton, Bindi, and Buddy Biscuit. 
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Jennifer Churchwell
Jennifer has been in the insurance industry since 2019 and is a retired elementary school teacher. 

She is married with five children and two grandchildren. 

Jennifer is the organizational guru of the bunch and keeps everyone at Citadel in line.
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