employer benefits


Greater Employee Satisfaction & Retention

· The Citadel Benefits Group Wellness plan will help improve the employer’s benefit package for employees. The Wellness Plan enhances the benefit package at no additional out of pocket cost for the employer or employee for qualified employees!!

· The wellness model and structure increases employee engagement and interaction leading to healthier lifestyles.


· Healthcare costs are reduced 20 to 55%.

· Short-term sick leave is reduced 32%.

· Productivity is increased 2 to 52%.

· Morale is higher. 

·Absenteeism rates are lower.

·Employee focus increases

Increased Revenue on the Next Payroll Run

· The employer sees guaranteed ROI in FICA savings from employee participation.

· Reduction in employee claims – measured each year with expectations of a reduced claim value of 1% – 2% of total spend.

· Reduces long-term healthcare costs through mitigation of risks related to future disease and conditions, averaging in client case studies of $1,400 per participant over a 3 year period.

Tax Advantages

There are tax advantages for maintaining the wellness plan and we will be happy to answer questions and provide guidance on how to maximize these, but clients should always speak with their CPA or tax professional before implementing any payroll modifications or tax planning procedures.