Wellness Basics

• Each employee will have his/her own Personal Health Dashboard with Personal Health Records and access to valuable wellness programs
• Over 120 videos related to health and wellness to enhance success in 15 conditions and lifestyles.
• Mobile Device Application
• A Wellness Program for the whole person: physical, emotional, financial, social, occupational, and life purpose.
• Online Personal Health Risk Assessment “HRA.”
• Personal Health Coaching by a certified practitioner will provide health coaching and guidance, goal setting, and modification for members to reach their co-created health goals to help manage lifestyle and prevent and manage disease.
• Online Road to Wellness that identifies both weaknesses and strengths and provides solutions to improve lifestyle and health.
• 68% of calls to RNs, Health Coaches and Doctors reduce the level of services needing saving employee time and money
• 29% of employees discover alternative self-care options avoiding all additional costs
• 72% of likely ER or Urgent Care visits are mitigated by more appropriate care
• And More

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• All calls are at no cost or co-pay to the participant!
• Unlimited 24/7/365 access to a doctor and nurses online or by phone with no wait times or call backs–employee picks the doctor.
• Talk to a TeleHealth™ doctor from anywhere: at home, work, or while traveling.
• Save money by avoiding expensive urgent care or ER visits.
• The largest National tele-medicine platform serving 110 million users.
• Specialist collaborations can be organized at lower costs.
• Tele Diet and Nutritionists.
• Tele Behavioral Health – Masters and PhD levels.

24/7 Health Coaches

• RNs are available 24/7 to determine the most appropriate care at the most appropriate time.
• Average wait time to speak to a RN is 30 seconds.
• Counseling and diagnostic support for symptoms.
• English/Spanish live and 150 languages through translations–including tribal languages.
• Unlimited coaching is available.

24/7 Masters Level Counselors

• Master Level Counselors to support behavioral health concerns remotely.
• Counselors are available in a confidential Member Assistance Program (MAP) to serve members.
• Masters degree coaches can be assigned based on member need – life coaches, diet & nutrition, financial, behavioral.
• Digital Coach for Behavior Health creates a safer environment for members to engage more often on sensitive issues.